Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Winner - Angel Needs a New Set of Wheels

submitted by jenny dzierozynski from libertyville, IL on Jun 2, 2010

Most of us go through our lives not realizing what a gift each day is. My nominee, Stephanie Flood lives each day knowing how truly precious life is. At age 9, she was diagnosed with a aggressive & deadly brain cancer, ependymoma. She's battled this reoccuring cancer 4 times but continues to give back & fight cancer. Steph has raised awareness & has been instrumental in raising large amounts of money for cancer research. She has gone before Congress, worked with Children's Memorial Hospital and the American Cancer Society. She's a recent college grad from NIU and is currently interning at Children's Memorial Hospital where she hopes to gain employment to continue to make a difference in the lives of those around her who are ill. Recently, her old car broke down and cannot be repaired. Please don't let this roadblock keep her from continuing her life's mission. She not only deserves this car, she REALLY needs it as she goes into the workplace. Please vote for our angel Steph!

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