Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Year's Winner Meets 2010 Finalist!

Hi everyone,

Ken and I got a call from a friend to attend a church this AM, where an old friend of ours was going to be giving the message. We walked into Alpine Chapel in Lake Zurich, where we have NEVER attended before. Following the service a gal came up and introduced herself to me, because she saw the T-shirt that I was wearing.

This was the www.lovebugcontest.com t-shirt, that we were given yesterday, when Ken went to pick up his prize for qualifying to be a finalist in the contest. Anyway...she said "Do you know someone in the LoveBug Contest this year?" I told her that my husband Ken was in it. She wanted to know his story. So I let her know. With that, she says "Last year's winner goes to our church!"

I couldn't believe it. Of all the churches in the area, we were led to go to the ONE that last year's winner goes to? So...she introduced us to Donna, the winner from last year, who was eager to meet us. She said she would put Ken's information out on her Facebook today, and get her church behind him, to see if they can do it again!

She told us to take a look at her car in the parking lot. Of course, when we went out, it was parked directly behind ours! Her little red Bug, and Ken's big ole gas guzzling Avalanche. She said that last year, her entire church got behind her, and it was a real testament to the everyone that God had a hand in the win.

She said "it was all God." Glory to God, that, that was the only way she would have won with God and the Church backing her. It was amazing, she said, it took on a life of its own!

So... amazing, that we actually met the winner from last year!

Leslie Coslet

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